Quote Of The Moment:

“He's a tough, gutty guard... You can argue where he's going to fit and who he's going to guard. But he's such a tough kid and so competitive, you hate to bet against him.”

– Orlando Magic Sr VP Pat Williams

The Awards:

  • James Sullivan Award
  • John R. Wooden Award
  • James Naismith Award
  • Adolph F. Rupp Trophy (Repeat)
  • Senior CLASS Award
  • Consensus All-American (Repeat)
  • AP National Player of the Year
  • NABC Co-Player of the Year
  • USBWA Co-Player of the Year
  • ESPN National Player of the Year
  • Sporting News National Player of the Year
  • Basketball Times National Player of the Year
  • ACC Player of the Year (Repeat)
  • ACC Tournament MVP (Repeat)

The Numbers:

  • 2,769 Points, Career
      -- #1 ACC & Duke History
      -- #16 NCAA History

  • 964 Points, 2005-06 Season
      -- #1 Duke History
      -- #2 ACC History
  • 457 Three-Pointers, Career
      -- #1 NCAA, ACC & Duke History
  • 225 Points, Career ACC Tournament
      -- #1 ACC & Duke History
  • 139 Three-Pointers, 2005-06 Season
      -- #1 ACC & Duke History
      -- #5T NCAA History
  • 122 Games of 10+ Points, Career
      -- #2 Duke History
  • 95.3% Free Throws Made, 2003-04 Season
      -- #1 ACC & Duke History
  • 91.2% Free Throws Made, Career
      -- #1 ACC & Duke History
      -- #2 NCAA History
  • 70 Games of 20+ Points, Career
      -- #1 Duke History
  • 54 Consecutive Free Throws Made, 2003-04 Season
      -- #1 ACC & Duke History
  • 20 Games of 30+ Points, Career
      -- #1 Duke History
      -- #5T ACC History
  • 9 Three-Pointers, Single Game (12/10/05)
      -- #1T Duke History
  • 5 Consecutive Games of 30+ Points, 2005-06
      -- #1 Duke History
  • 4 Amazing Years

About This Site

This is, obviously, a site devoted to J.J. Redick, one of the leading players for the Duke Blue Devils basketball team. I just wanted to take a second and explain the reasons for its existence. I think J.J. Redick ranks among best shooters ever. He is simply pure.

I've been a Duke fan since 1989, the year some people consider the beginning of the Duke Dynasty era. I grew up near Philadelphia and I've never lived anywhere near North Carolina... I just stumbled across Christian Laettner and Co. on television one day and never looked back. Like most Duke fans, I have to listen to a lot of complaining from the fans of other teams. And I understand the reasons for that: I myself loathe the Yankees and the Cowboys for their (former) dominance. I get why people are sick of Duke winning all the time.

Nonetheless, win they do. And that's largely attributable to Coach Mike Krzyzewski and his classy program. I may have become a Duke fan by accident, but it's because of Coach K that I expect to be one for the rest of my life.

Two years ago, I saw a freshman by the name of J.J. Redick show up on my TV screen, launching ridiculous shots from some other zip code - and making them. Now, I don't think there is such a thing as a Duke recruit who doesn't come with the label “highly-touted”. J.J. was no exception. But he stood out of even that crowd to me right away as a kid with huge potential, because of his heart and his intensity as much as his shot.

Over the past three seasons, he's proven my initial hunch to be 100% correct. He's had his ups and downs, like any young player, but he has continuously strived to be a better player and a better leader. The results were apparent this past season when he led an overachieving squad to the ACC Tournament title and picked up a ton of individual honors along the way, including the Rupp Trophy as National Player of the Year.

Unfortunately, with great success comes great envy. Because of the combination of Duke's success and his own, J.J. attracts far more than his share of hate. The irrationality of this never ceases to amaze me. It blows my mind that people would dedicate so much of their time to hating on someone they've never met. As I became more aware of the venom directed at J.J., I wanted to do something to counteract it.

Arguing with the ignorance of people who would sink so low as to verbally attack J.J.'s younger siblings is pointless. So I decided the best way to fight the hate is by being positive and showing support for this terrific young man. I know he has many other fans out there; we just need a place to call our own. To that end, I've created this site as a tribute to J.J., his team and the power of positive energy.

Some of you know that I like predicting outcomes of basketball games. However, don't trust a guaranteed free pick from me whenever JJ is playing.

Thanks for stopping by.

This is purely a fan site. No affiliation with J.J. Redick or Duke Basketball exists or is implied.